The Official North Island Championships 2014

Event Fees

Event Fees Summary

Applies toAmount
MiddleJWOC Trial$15.00
Maximum Individual FeeAll races (Junior)$55.00
All races (Senior)$70.00
Maximum Family Race FeeFamily (Sprint)$40.00
Family (Long)$80.00
Family (Middle)$120.00
Maximum Family FeeFamily (all races)$200.00
SI HireSportIdent Hire (per race)$3.00
NZOF Levy (Junior)Non-club members (per race)$5.00
NZOF Levy (Senior)Non-club members (per race)$10.00
NZOF Levy (Family)Non-club members (per race)$25.00
  • Senior is 21 years or older (born in 1993 or earlier)
  • Junior is 20 years or younger (born in 1994 or later)
  • Family is up to two adults (21 and over) plus two (or more) children (20 and under) living at the same address

Payment Details

EITHER deposit your entry fee into bank account 03-0243-0247251-00 using a reference of your entry key along with your surname or sportIdent number

OR send a cheque (with your entry and contact details) to the following address:

  The Official North Island Championships 2014
  251 Foster Road
  RD1 Kumeu 0891

To simplify payments, overseas competitors may pay on arrival at their first event

For any queries please email